Up in The Hammocks Between The Autumn Leaves

Probably we are a bit of hammock freaks. And we had this idea for a while… And BAM! It’s freaking autumn and the last sunny weekend is here! Almost all or nothing!

Long story short – few hundred meters of ropes, about six hours of setting up the lines and everything, meanwhile showing others how to get in and get out. Finally, during the last minutes before sunset… Time to get into those hammocks in the company of colourful leaves and spruce tops! The crazy guy behind this idea was Jānis Urtāns, and this was pulled of together with Krišs, Daina and Ramona (and few more people) and a support from Virsotne.lv with TicketToTheMoon hammocks.

Highly recommended (especially staying overnight)! And then there are some rumors that Jānis Urtāns are working on winter hammock plans..!